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Tablet based systems

Cut Costs on Staff - With digital menus, your waiters are capable of handling at least twice as many tables at a time since they will be primarily focused on serving rather than taking orders. Having fewer waiters on staff already saves tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

No Menu Costs
Save on what would otherwise be spent on reprinting menus at your local print shop every time you change a price or add an item. Now you can update your Android or iPad menus within seconds. There’s no need to write “market price” when you can simply update the market price every day in seconds.

POS Solution - POS system costs are reduced 50% than most major POS systems on the market, few of which offer digital menu integration or realtime reservations.

Learn About Your Food - With customers reviewing each specific dish after their meals, you can be instantly conscious of your customer’s preferences by improving or eliminating unpopular dishes to prevent losing your customers. Feature your top-rated dishes more prominently, so that new customers know what to order when first dining at your restaurant, and are more likely to come back.

Unlimited Exposure - Your customers could recommend your restaurant to their Facebook friends immediately after their meals with the touch of a button, directly from our menus. They can also text their friends a recommendation using their smartphones on your app. Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising in the food industry. With social media capabilities, the good word about your restaurant can travel quicker than ever thanks to digital menus and their wide appeal.

Quicker Turnaround Time - Since the ordering and paying processes are expedited, customers will spend less time at their tables. This means shorter lines for hungry, waiting customers and more sales for you.

Customer/Staff Interaction - Customers can order food, send special instructions to the chef, request a waiter’s attention, and pay directly from their digital menu. Also, you can use your iPad menus to collect customer data in order to stay in touch with them long after their meal, or to offer coupons or other special promotions through your network.

"Wow" factor - The most obvious benefits of touch screen tablets is that are both attractive and interactive. Studies show that customers are likely to order 20% more food using a digital menu than they would with a paper menu. Enticing high resolution images of every dish with details about ingredients and preparation not only provides customers with more information about what they’re eating, but they are salivation-inducing. Throw in the ability to browse the internet, use apps, and play games with your kids during your meal, and you’ll notice a huge jump in customer satisfaction. Simply put: now menus are fun to use

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