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Welcome to Kaizen Management, LLC.

National Implementation Specialist of the Compeat Restaurant Platform

Are your locations underperforming?


Kaizen Management is the most successful implementor of the Compeat Restaurant Management System, the restaurant industry's leading accounting and operations software system. Kaizen provides implementation services for single/complex multi-unit restaurant companies, provides accounting, financial and technology consulting services and for many clients, provides a complete outsourced accounting/bookkeeping service with access to growth capital. 


We act as primary management advisors for major branded chefs and operators, bringing true control to the enterprise, so that the enterprise can flourish year after year. 


Kaizen Management is a chef-driven consulting company that builds unprecedented profits while paying close attention to quality - on the plate, in the experience, and in your culture.

Studies show, and we can confirm, that customer delight and employee satisfaction drive new revenues. That's just half of the challenge. The other half is making those new revenues increasingly more profitable. That's what builds your business and gives you control over your future. It requires a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, combined with disciplined fundamental skills. Just like you cannot put together a creative plate with disastrous knife skills, you cannot put together a creative, profitable business with poor - or even standard - business practices.

For decades we have worked in public and private companies linking capital markets to customer value. We've done this as chief financial officers, controllers, process managers, IT systems solutions providers, and more.

These skills allow us to set up businesses - including restaurants - that can attract the serious investor, and keep them coming back for additional capital rounds, because we make restaurants profitable.

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