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Kaizen Management service integrate to create more than the sum of the parts. Choose the service you most need now so we can start to improve your operation, and then we can decide from there how and when to amplify our impact with other approaches and services.

Strategic Planning

You can't know whether your organization’s current financial state is healthy until you know your goals and how to get there. That's why Kaizen is valued for our ability to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan. Without the resources to have an experienced Chief Financial Officer and other subject matter experts on staff, most restaurants find this a daunting task. Kaizen Management can be your ideal solution. We will meet with your company, work with management to identify the desired what you want to accomplish, and implement a detailed and integrated strategic plan that makes it far easier to navigate these critical business decisions.

Change Management

If a company is expanding into new markets or business ventures, Kaizen Management can develop a business model, raise equity, secure bank financing, and help negotiate leases.

Systems Implementation

A core part of our business is putting in scalabe, measurable controls. Restaurants need to run like a machine, and so they need systems. We design, develop, and integrate operation and financial systems, starting by defining system requirements and then moving to selection and implementation - including that critical, often missing element, successful training and adoption assurance.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

If a company is looking to do acquisitions or dispose of assets, Kaizen Management can provide due diligence services and match buyers and sellers.


Kaizen Management has long-time close relationships with sources of the industry's top talent providers. We can provide permanent and temporary staffing. By working with a company’s management team, Kaizen can develop job specifications, recruit, and manage your company’s staff. In addition, Kaizen can provide temporary staffing for most job descriptions including accounting/finance, marketing, operations, sales and construction management.

Outsourced Accounting

If a company does not want to be bothered with the day-to-day administration of accounting, from paying bills to preparing financial statements, Kaizen Management can customize our services to meet the individual needs and budget of your company.

Other Services

Kaizen Management understands that some of your needs are not well-defined. We can work with you to identify your needs, and Kaizen Management can tap into its vast resources to craft a sustainable, comfortable solution.